Sunday, July 17, 2011

New news! :)

       Another host brother from a different host family found me on facebook! Him and the rest of his family will be my first host family. In this family, I have 3 host brothers, my parents, and a grandma! No sisters so far, haha. Which is cool, for I only have sisters here at home. This will be a new experience, for sure. I also received my Guarantee forms a couple of days ago:) So I almost have all of my required paper work filled out. As my departure gets closer (Which I am assuming is the 20th of August, since that is when most bound for Taiwan are leaving), I get more and more excited. It wasn't quite that real-feeling to me that I was leaving the country for a year, but now it has really hit me, and I still have a month before I go!
       Just in case I forget to acknowledge those that have helped me obtain this amazing opportunity through blog, I will now. First and foremost, Glenda Sales. If I didn't meet you when I did, there is no way I'd be involved in this amazing program like I am. I love you and Sergio like I do my parents, and you have literally changed my life. The South Ukiah Rotary Club Of-course!! :) And my wonderful counselor Theresa, that has also played a huge roll in assisting me in becoming apart of this awesome program. Renee, from the Windsor Rotary Club, for helping me complete this madness called Exchange student paperwork! haha. Whenever I am stressing out, whether it's Preparing for my year abroad, work, or family problems, you are always there to calm me down, and bring me to a reassured state; I love you. My dad: Though you are a tough man at times, you have made me into the young lady I am today; doing the things I am, and going on this life-changing journey. I love you pops:). And the rest of my family! I love you! AND lets not forget those darn Pinochis! Tucker, Mamma P and Papa P, I feel the love from you guys, and you have no idea how much  I appreciate it. Mr. and Mrs. Pinochi, you have helped me through some tough times; and Tucker, you're my best friend bro. If I'm ever feeling down, you have my back. You deal with my crazy, and still accept me as a friend. This has helped so much, having a besty that is going through the same experiences as me in preparation for a year abroad :). Love you. And last but not least, my community! Organizations like the Boys and Girls Club have been helping me raise money to fund this amazing trip! And other friends and family in the community that have helped me to find work, in order to raise funds for this year to come, and have been supporting me all the way. I thank you all:). To anyone I have missed, I thank and appreciate you as well.
       On an ending note, I hope to make another blog entry before I depart. If not, you'll be hearing from me in Taiwan! PEACE:)


  1. i hope we all have a nice year in Taiwan!

  2. I hope all is well and you're adjustment is going smoothly! I won't say I miss you, because you already know that. Can't wait for an update, but I'm sure you're busy getting settled in <3